White Long Lapel Collar

White Long Lapel Collar

White Long Lapel Collar

Product code:27-18

Our White Long Lapel Collar is an exquisite homage to timeless elegance. Infused with a classic charm and a hint of gothic flair, this piece is an adaptable treasure for any fashion connoisseur.

Design and Features:

Classic Gothic Elegance: This collar showcases a pristine white canvas, offering a crisp, ethereal contrast to any ensemble.

Refined Lapel Cut: With its elongated lapel design, it promises to add a polished sophistication to both contemporary and traditional styles.

Superior Construction: The collar is constructed from top-tier materials, guaranteeing endurance and comfort for enduring wear.

Elegant Button Detail: Adorned with a neat row of buttons, it merges practicality with enduring style.

Multi-Occasion Versatility: From special gatherings to everyday chic, this collar will carry your look with grace and versatility.

Style Tips:
Pair this White Long Lapel Collar with your favored dress for an effortlessly chic transformation. Perfect for creating a striking contrast, it’s designed to work beautifully with a variety of our dresses and blouses, offering a vast array of mix-and-match options.

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