White Victorian Ruffle Collar

White Victorian Ruffle Collar

White Victorian Ruffle Collar

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Step back in time with our White Victorian Ruffle Collar, a garment that instantly elevates your attire to the heights of 19th-century elegance. This stunning piece captures the intricate beauty of the Victorian era and is perfect for those who yearn to express a classic and sophisticated style.

Design and Features:

Exquisite Lace Craftsmanship: The collar is adorned with multiple layers of fine lace, creating a full and luxurious ruffled effect that gracefully frames the face and neckline.

Elegant Cameo Brooch: At the center, a beautifully detailed cameo brooch adds a vintage touch, set in a filigree design that is both delicate and striking.

Pearl Embellishments: Cascading faux pearls drape elegantly from the lace, offering a subtle shimmer and an air of aristocratic charm.

Adjustable Comfort: An adjustable black velvet ribbon ensures that the collar can be comfortably secured around the neck, providing a custom fit for all sizes.

Versatile Accessory: This collar is not only suited for gothic and historical ensembles but can also be the statement piece in a modern outfit, providing a unique contrast that is sure to turn heads.

Style Tips:
For a truly gothic look, pair the White Victorian Ruffle Collar with our dresses to take them from casual to fancy
Combine different collars with different dresses for endless possibilities
The brooch is included.
Order the same size collar as dress

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