Red Long Lapel Collar

Red Long Lapel Collar

Red Long Lapel Collar

Product code:28-17

Make a bold statement with our Red Long Lapel Collar, a vivid embodiment of both gothic grandeur and modern sophistication. Designed for those who dare to stand out, this collar is a striking addition to any ensemble, offering a vibrant splash of color to the traditional gothic palette.

Design and Features:

Rich Scarlet Fabric: The collar is draped in a sumptuous scarlet fabric, creating an eye-catching contrast that demands attention and exudes confidence.

Elegant Lace Overlay: Featuring a delicate black lace overlay, the intricate floral pattern adds depth and a touch of dark romance to the collar’s striking color.

Tailored Long Lapel: The elongated lapel design sharpens the collar's profile, lending an air of Victorian-inspired formality and poise to your look.

Versatile Button Closure: Classic black buttons line the front, offering a practical and stylish closure that complements the collar's dramatic flair.

Comfortable Fit: This collar is carefully constructed to provide a comfortable fit around the neck, allowing for ease of movement and prolonged wear.

Style Tips:
The Red Long Lapel Collar pairs exquisitely with black attire to let its color truly pop, or with contrasting textures like velvet to create a multi-dimensional aesthetic. It fits well with a lot of our dresses and blouses

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