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Black Brocade V-Shaper

Product Review (submitted on December 1, 2016):
Fits fairly well. I ignored that little note at the bottom of the description that says to subtract a couple inches from your natural waist and so it's a bit big for me at the shoulders, but if I had followed the instructions then it would be a flawless fit. It's well-made and seems like it'll last forever, which I appreciate. There were a couple strings poking out from embroidery, but considering the amount of embroidery it's hardly surprising. I think I found and melted all of them in about a minute (very carefully, with a lighter, I don't recommend it unless you're already in the habit of melting loose threads -- I once managed to put a hole in my favorite tie.).

Overall, I'm very pleased with the vest. It was also nicely packaged and the shipping was faster than I expected. I did end up paying for duty/taxes when it got here but it still came out cheaper than I think it would have from anywhere else (the only other sites I've found it are more expensive, charge shipping, and, since I live in Canada and they're in the States, I would still have had to pay duties/taxes). Shipped out with a tracking number, which worked and was very comforting.

I would recommend this corset. At some point I'll be placing another order (though not for a bit since I'm a student and money is limited).