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Black Cotton Waist Cincher

Product Review (submitted on January 31, 2017):
I'm very happy with this corset ! I have quite a small torso, so it's great to have something that won't rub against my hips and that is comfortable to wear. I wished there were more reviews when I was considering buying it, so, though I'm in no way an expert in corsetry, I hope this will give enough information if you're hesitating to buy it ;
The boning is of metal, and though the front and back bones are straight for it to keep its shape the ones that go around your waist are very flexible. There's a small modesty panel that is just long enough to cover the gap at the back (4 inches). I've read reviews of other Dracula Clothing corsets that said the laces weren't installed when the customer received them, but mine was already properly laced ! It was a nice surprise and it saved me a bit of trouble, haha. Also, that it's made of good cotton instead of the usual satin makes it look less costume-y, in my opinion, and very versatile.
I know it's not fit for permanent waist training, but it's a great fashion corset and I'd say that quality-wise it compares very well to the ones sold by Orchard Corset at nearly the double of the price (I used to own one from them, they're great but now I needed something more budget-friendly). If anyone is wondering about sizing, my waist is between 26 and 27 inches, and though I would have chosen 24 (it wasn't available at that moment) size 22 fits great !

Also, shipping was fast enough, I got it (in Canada) two weeks and a few days after ordering. I'll really consider buying other corsets from here again, and I really recommend this one !