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Black Cotton Waist Cincher

Product Review (submitted on August 12, 2022):
It arrived in a week since they accepted my order, I live in Spain.
It came in a bag, which I found very convenient if at some point I want to take it without wearing it; although I don't know what happened during the trip, because the bag had a little hay on the outside (it was very packed in a plastic bag).

This cincher fit me great. With practice, it's easy to tie and it shows that it is well made, both in material and care, although it isn't made to measure like the old corsets.
I barely notice it while wearing it and can fall asleep with it on. Of course, always put on top of a shirt or a dress, so that it doesn't touch directly with the skin.
One thing that haunted me is the heat. In summer, Spain is a very hot country, quite hot in my area. I didn't want to stain the cincher with sweat, make it catch a bad smell quickly or die of heat with it.
But it didn't happen, I guess it's because it's made of cotton, but I didn't get any hotter than any other summer day and it didn't catch any bad smells either.

Before discovering DraculaClothing, I bought a corset online on Amazon, quite cheap (around €20) to try on. It had good reviews and while it fit me well, it was too high for my torso. The material was heavy and the description didn't fit (said to have satin lace and steel bone, but shoe lace and plastic bone). Looked like the taekwondo breastplate I wore years ago, I learned my lesson.

I returned that corset right away and after hearing about DraculaClothing, I was debating for several days whether to buy a cincher or a corset here, in case my torso was too small.
However, I have decided that I will also buy the corset, as well as other corsets (and maybe clothes) over time.

This cincher is well worth it.