Gentlemens Clothing

  1. Gentleman's Tailcoat

    Gentleman's Tailcoat

    For the elegant gents out there, here is the perfect tailcoat. Gives you an instant flair of the 1800's. This lovely piece buttons up with three buttons in the front.
  2. Pirate JacketPirate Jacket

    Pirate Jacket

    This high quality jacket is inspired by pirates and officers. The Pirate Jacket has thick velvet lapels, cuffs, and collar and a satin lining.
  3. Velvet New Romantic Jacket

    Velvet New Romantic Jacket

    Regular Price: $107

    Special Price $75

    Red velvet jacket with black velvet details. A great romantic goth jacket. The perfect jacket for any stylish guy.
  4. Long Lapel Shirt

    Long Lapel Shirt

    Regular Price: $48

    Special Price $39

    Shirt with extra long lapels in a black cotton material. Great as part of a gothic outfit
  5. Leather Neck

    Leather Neck

    Regular Price: $48

    Special Price $42

    A perfect male clothing addition. You can wear it with a t-shirt like in the picture or on its own. Either way, this unique piece is bound to make you stand out in the crowd in a great way. It is made of black leather and is buckled up in the front.
  6. Male Skirt

    Male Skirt

    Regular Price: $48

    Special Price $46

    Comfort meets style in this super cool black colored skirt with all the essentials - two big front pockets,welt back pockets and a classic zip fly fastening. Back zipper for opptional back split. 
    Be fearless, don't skirt the issue male fashion equality. It's only fair.
  7. Steampunk Striped Jacket

    Steampunk Striped Jacket

    A high quality steampunk jacket inspired by pirates and officers. The steampunk Jacket has a thick velvet lapels, cuffs and collar and satin lining.
  8. Brown Steampunk Jacket

    Brown Steampunk Jacket

    Inspired by pirates and officers, the Steampunk Jacket made of a thick cotton material and velvet lapels, cuffs and collar and a satin lining. Featuring faux pocket details and real inner pockets.
  9. Black WaistcoatBlack Waistcoat

    Black Waistcoat

    This is such an adjustable waistcoat that it would probably fit everyone! The back of the waistcoat has an elastic strap to attach and adjust up to 27 cm more! It is extremely stretchy. So you can add as much to the waist as you need to make it comfortable. Around the neck there is an adjustable collar so the length of the waistcoat can be optimized for your size. Such a comfortable and elegant piece.
  10. Shiny VestShiny Vest

    Shiny Vest

    A great steampunk vest to go along with your outfits. It has a nice shine in the front and a light brocade pattern, very elegant. There is lacing in the back so the vest can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.