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  1. Velvet Big Ankh Coffin Bag

    Velvet Big Ankh Coffin Bag

    This bag is shaped like a coffin with faux leather details and an ankh in front. The bag is 39 cm tall and 20-27 cm wide
  2. Poe Sleeveless DressPoe Sleeveless Dress

    Poe Sleeveless Dress

    Step into a world of gothic allure with our Poe Sleeveless Dress, a captivating ensemble inspired by the hauntingly beautiful works of Edgar Allan Poe. This dress is a tribute to those who find solace in the shadows of the romantic era, blending the mystique of gothic literature with contemporary fashion sensibilities. A beautiful sleeveless dress with a print inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and his writing. We have improved the print to make it more durable. Design and Features: Gothic Literature Inspired: The dress features a striking print inspired by the masterful tales of Edgar Allan Poe, making it a perfect piece for literary enthusiasts and lovers of the gothic genre. Elegant Sleeveless Cut: The sleeveless design adds a touch of modern elegance, making it ideal for various occasions, from literary events to gothic parties. High-Quality Fabric: Crafted from premium materials, the dress is both comfortable and durable, ensuring that it remains a staple in your wardrobe for seasons to come. Flattering Silhouette: The fit and flare cut of the dress is designed to flatter various body types, offering both comfort and style. Versatile and Stylish: While deeply rooted in gothic charm, this dress's contemporary cut makes it versatile enough to be styled for both formal and casual outings. Style Tips: Accessorize the Poe Sleeveless Dress with our different collars to create a big range of different styles and to go from casual to fancy ball dress A Homage to the Gothic Era: The Poe Sleeveless Dress isn't just an attire; it's an ode to the enigmatic and romantic world of gothic literature. It's designed for the modern woman who draws inspiration from the past, someone who confidently carries the mystery and romance of the gothic era into today's world. Embrace the darkness and the beauty within it with our Poe Sleeveless Dress, a garment that speaks volumes of your unique style and love for the timeless tales of Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. Poe Sweet DressPoe Sweet Dress

    Poe Sweet Dress

    A very comfortable material with a print of Poe, raven and other things inspired by his writing. We have improved on the print since the first version to make it more durable. Immerse yourself in the mystique of the gothic era with our Poe Sweet Dress, a garment that exquisitely embodies the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe's timeless literature. Crafted for those who appreciate the darker, more romantic aspects of the 19th century, this dress is a masterpiece that combines classic elegance with an enigmatic charm. Design and Features: Victorian-Inspired Aesthetics: The Poe Sweet Dress features a high-neck design and long, flowing sleeves that echo the Victorian era's sophistication and grace. Edgar Allan Poe Print: Adorned with unique prints inspired by Poe's iconic works, this dress is a tribute to his legendary tales and poems. The intricate patterns and imagery will resonate with literary enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike. Quality Fabric: Made with a blend of comfortable and durable materials, the dress promises both longevity and ease of wear. The fabric's slight stretch ensures a flattering fit for various body types. Versatile Styling: Whether you're attending a gothic-themed event, a literary gathering, or simply expressing your unique style, the Poe Sweet Dress is versatile enough to suit various occasions. Attention to Detail: The dress's meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every stitch, from the delicate lace trimmings to the subtle yet impactful print detailing. Style Tips: Pair the Poe Sweet Dress with classic Victorian accessories like removable collars, that can create a wide range of different looks
  4. White Long Lapel CollarWhite Long Lapel Collar

    White Long Lapel Collar

    Our White Long Lapel Collar is an exquisite homage to timeless elegance. Infused with a classic charm and a hint of gothic flair, this piece is an adaptable treasure for any fashion connoisseur. Design and Features: Classic Gothic Elegance: This collar showcases a pristine white canvas, offering a crisp, ethereal contrast to any ensemble. Refined Lapel Cut: With its elongated lapel design, it promises to add a polished sophistication to both contemporary and traditional styles. Superior Construction: The collar is constructed from top-tier materials, guaranteeing endurance and comfort for enduring wear. Elegant Button Detail: Adorned with a neat row of buttons, it merges practicality with enduring style. Multi-Occasion Versatility: From special gatherings to everyday chic, this collar will carry your look with grace and versatility. Style Tips: Pair this White Long Lapel Collar with your favored dress for an effortlessly chic transformation. Perfect for creating a striking contrast, it’s designed to work beautifully with a variety of our dresses and blouses, offering a vast array of mix-and-match options.
  5. Black Victorian Ruffle CollarBlack Victorian Ruffle Collar

    Black Victorian Ruffle Collar

    Evoke the grandeur of the Victorian era with our exquisite Black Victorian Ruffle Collar. This ornate accessory is designed for those who wish to infuse their wardrobe with a touch of historical sophistication and a dramatic flair. Design and Features: Luxurious Lace Detailing: Crafted with sumptuous layers of delicate lace, this ruffle collar cascades gracefully, offering a silhouette that is both regal and captivating. Vintage Cameo Accent: At the throat lies a classic cameo brooch, framed in ornate golden filigree, adding a focal point of vintage charm to the ensemble. Adjustable Fit: The collar features an adjustable ribbon tie at the back, ensuring a comfortable fit for an array of neck sizes, while also providing the ease of wear. Versatile Styling: Whether you're attending a gothic ball, a historical reenactment, or simply dressing up for an evening event, this collar is versatile enough to complement a variety of outfits and occasions. Impeccable Craftsmanship: Attention to detail is paramount in this piece, with each lace edge and bead meticulously placed to create an accessory that is both durable and beautiful. Style Tips: The Black Victorian Ruffle Collar pairs splendidly with a lot of our dresses to create a unique look
  6. White Bat Lapel CollarWhite Bat Lapel Collar

    White Bat Lapel Collar

    A removable bat lapel collar that matches with our dresses, to create many different looks
  7. Black Long Lapel CollarBlack Long Lapel Collar

    Black Long Lapel Collar

    Introducing the Black Long Lapel Collar, the epitome of contemporary gothic elegance. Meticulously designed for those with a penchant for the darkly dramatic, this piece is a seamless blend of modern style and Victorian-inspired allure. Design and Features: Sleek and Stylish: The collar boasts a long lapel design, offering a slender silhouette that elongates the neck and adds an air of sleek sophistication to any outfit. Delicate Lace Detailing: Overlaying a portion of the lapel is intricate lacework, presenting a beautiful contrast against the stark black fabric and adding a touch of romantic gothic charm. Versatile Button Closure: A line of neat buttons allows for easy closure and adds a functional yet fashionable detail that's both classic and contemporary. Tailored for Comfort: Crafted from quality fabrics, this collar is designed to be both comfortable for extended wear and durable enough to maintain its structure and appeal over time. All-Occasion Accessory: Whether it's part of a costume, a bold statement for a night out, or a unique addition to day-to-day wear, this collar is versatile enough to adapt to a variety of ensembles. Style Tips: Combine it with our dresses to create a unique twist, with a few dresses and a few collars you can combine it in many different ways. Pair this Black Long Lapel Collar with a corset for a quintessential gothic look, or let it stand out against a simple blouse for a dash of Victorian flair. It's an ideal accessory for adding a gothic touch to professional attire or for completing an outfit for a themed event.
  8. Red Bat Lapel CollarRed Bat Lapel Collar

    Red Bat Lapel Collar

    Ignite your wardrobe with a splash of bold color and gothic charm with our Red Bat Lapel Collar. This striking accessory is a statement piece that effortlessly marries Victorian flair with a modern twist, perfect for individuals who command attention and appreciate a touch of the dramatic. Design and Features: Vibrant Red Hue: The collar's rich red color is a head-turner, symbolizing both passion and power, ready to set you apart in any gathering. Intricate Lace Overlay: Adorned with a detailed bat-themed lace pattern, this collar adds a gothic nuance to your ensemble, perfect for thematic events or adding a unique touch to your everyday style. Elegant Button Fastening: A row of coordinated buttons allows for easy fastening, adding a practical element that doesn't compromise on style. Comfortable Fit: Tailored to rest comfortably around the shoulders, this collar promises a snug fit without sacrificing mobility or comfort. Versatile Styling: Pair the Red Bat Lapel Collar with a black dress for a stunning contrast, or wear it over a white blouse for a pop of color that stands out. Style Tips: Combine it with our blouses or dresses for a unique style and to create a wide range of different looks
  9. Black Bat CollarBlack Bat Collar

    Black Bat Collar

    Unveil your love for the night's winged creatures with our Black Bat Collar, a sartorial piece that fuses gothic elegance with a hint of enigmatic charm. This finely crafted accessory is a must-have for those who revel in the allure of the gothic subculture and seek to make a bold fashion statement. Design and Features: Exquisite Lacework: Intricate lace featuring subtle bat motifs weaves a tale of gothic romance, offering a delicate yet dramatic appeal. Sharp Lapel Design: The sharp lapel cut presents a modern twist on classic Victorian fashion, perfect for adding a sophisticated edge to any attire. Button-down Front: A sleek button-down front provides a secure and flattering fit, ensuring the collar sits perfectly for a night out or an evening in. Soft Fabric Blend: Crafted with a soft fabric blend, this collar is gentle on the skin, allowing for extended wear without sacrificing comfort. Versatile Accessory: The Black Bat Collar's timeless design pairs seamlessly with a variety of outfits, from gothic ball gowns to contemporary casual wear. Style Tips: Accentuate the collar with a velvet dress to fully embrace gothic glamour, or layer it over a crisp white shirt to let the bat lace details truly stand out. A collar that is made to match our dresses. Combine collars and dresses in endless possibilities. Order the same size collar as you order the dress
  10. White Victorian Ruffle CollarWhite Victorian Ruffle Collar

    White Victorian Ruffle Collar

    Step back in time with our White Victorian Ruffle Collar, a garment that instantly elevates your attire to the heights of 19th-century elegance. This stunning piece captures the intricate beauty of the Victorian era and is perfect for those who yearn to express a classic and sophisticated style. Design and Features: Exquisite Lace Craftsmanship: The collar is adorned with multiple layers of fine lace, creating a full and luxurious ruffled effect that gracefully frames the face and neckline. Elegant Cameo Brooch: At the center, a beautifully detailed cameo brooch adds a vintage touch, set in a filigree design that is both delicate and striking. Pearl Embellishments: Cascading faux pearls drape elegantly from the lace, offering a subtle shimmer and an air of aristocratic charm. Adjustable Comfort: An adjustable black velvet ribbon ensures that the collar can be comfortably secured around the neck, providing a custom fit for all sizes. Versatile Accessory: This collar is not only suited for gothic and historical ensembles but can also be the statement piece in a modern outfit, providing a unique contrast that is sure to turn heads. Style Tips: For a truly gothic look, pair the White Victorian Ruffle Collar with our dresses to take them from casual to fancy Combine different collars with different dresses for endless possibilities The brooch is included. Order the same size collar as dress