Red Bat Lapel Collar

Red Bat Lapel Collar

Product code:28-16

Ignite your wardrobe with a splash of bold color and gothic charm with our Red Bat Lapel Collar. This striking accessory is a statement piece that effortlessly marries Victorian flair with a modern twist, perfect for individuals who command attention and appreciate a touch of the dramatic.

Design and Features:

Vibrant Red Hue: The collar's rich red color is a head-turner, symbolizing both passion and power, ready to set you apart in any gathering.

Intricate Lace Overlay: Adorned with a detailed bat-themed lace pattern, this collar adds a gothic nuance to your ensemble, perfect for thematic events or adding a unique touch to your everyday style.

Elegant Button Fastening: A row of coordinated buttons allows for easy fastening, adding a practical element that doesn't compromise on style.

Comfortable Fit: Tailored to rest comfortably around the shoulders, this collar promises a snug fit without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

Versatile Styling: Pair the Red Bat Lapel Collar with a black dress for a stunning contrast, or wear it over a white blouse for a pop of color that stands out.

Style Tips:
Combine it with our blouses or dresses for a unique style and to create a wide range of different looks

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