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Black Winter Wool Coat

Product Review (submitted on November 28, 2018):
If you're looking for a coat that's cute, won't fall apart in a month, and will actually keep you WARM in the winter, this is the perfect coat for you!! I'm a very petite girl (5'2", 94lbs) and ordered a size S/M, it fit just right. The hood is pretty big, and since I don't style my hair to be voluminous, it sometimes falls over my face. But it's no big deal, if I prop it up to be sitting on the shoulders, it won't hang over. The cape is a separate piece and easy to put on, just tie in in the front. I've been searching for a coat like this one for the longest time and only found cheaply made ones from China that are made entirely from fleece (which will NOT keep you warm), so I'm so happy that I came across this one!! 10/10