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Black Winter Wool Coat

Product Review (submitted on November 26, 2016):
I received this coat approx. 1 week ago. From now on I'm wearing it every day, even when it's not so cold in Latvia (+5C). :)
First, when I ordered, I was really unsure about the material and quality-price ratio. Even if my salary is above our avg. salary, 180EUR is kinda huge amount of money. But, when I started to think, how much it would be to sew it like a special order somewhere here, I didn't see any difference. So I came to the decision - ORDER IT. (It took me approx. 1 week to come to this conclusion)

Shipping was fast (4 working days) and GLS made it to my doorstep.

I ordered size L (I'm usually size M or even S, depends of the manufacturer), because coats are supposed to be 1 size bigger not smaller. Also because of the lacing in the back it's easy to adjust the right fit. Armpits are free and I can actually move or do smth active in it haha. :D

Overall it's really cute and beautiful. Looks exactly as shown and good quality. I think it won't work when outside will be -20'C, but -10'C should be just fine.

+design (little black riding hood :) )
+inside material is thicker than it's usually is in other coats. Not so slippy (or how to say), more warmer.
+weight. It sounds funny, but for me it is important, that the so called winter coat weights something more that SuperDry dove jacket. :D

-this is not really minus for me, but if I would ordered, for ex., the red coat, that black synthetic fur sometimes slightly drops off. Like leaves or bird's feathers, I don't know how to say that. Not much,m just little bit and sometimes. But still... And because it's 50% wool, every little thing holds on it. And imagine - red fabric, black synthetic wool .. could be not so good. Also I'm not sure, just my thoughts. Sooooo BLACK FOR LIFE.

Do I recommend it? YES
Would I buy another one after some time when this would be used? YES
Am I happy with my purchase? YES
Do I receive compliments? YESSSSSSSSS

Thank You, Draculaclothing!

p.s. sorry for my bad English, not my first language :]