Brocade Bat Lapel Collar

Brocade Bat Lapel Collar

Product code:24-9-def

Our Black Bat Lapel Collar is a tribute to bats. Meticulously designed with an eye for gothic elegance, this piece is a dynamic addition to any fashion ensemble, resonating with both romantic and enigmatic undertones.

Design and Features:

Elegant Gothic Aesthetics: The lace pattern is intricately woven with discreet bat motifs, infusing your look.

Sophisticated Lapel Cut: Its crisply defined lapel shape lends a modern flair, making it a perfect match for both avant-garde and classical gothic outfits.

High-Quality Construction: Composed of superior fabric, this collar promises lasting wear and comfort, destined to become a cherished element of your style collection.

Functional Button Detail: A sequence of graceful buttons lines the front, offering practicality alongside a timeless charm.

Versatile Wear: Suited for an array of events, from casual gatherings to special occasions, this collar adapts effortlessly, enhancing your attire.

Style Tips:
Pair the Black Bat Lapel Collar with a plush velvet dress or a sharp white blouse to create a dramatic contrast. With its compatibility with various blouses and dresses from our collection, a few key pieces can enhance your wardrobe with an array of diverse and striking looks.

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