Faux Leather Aristocrat V-Shaper

Faux Leather Aristocrat V-Shaper
99 €

Product code:9-9-d

What a dapper gent! This v-shaper is incredibly stylish, and gives your outfit an instant victorian flair. Use it the way you would use a vest, and get a shaping effect at the same time! Looks incredible worn over a white shirt.
Get a great V-shape in this Corset Vest. It has metal boning and spiral metal boning, and you can cinch in between 2 and 4 inches. The V-shaper has a removable panel that hides the busk, and is made so you can use it with a shirt and tie. It looks amazing under a suit as well.
To find your size subtract 1-3 inches from your natural waist.

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99 €
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You can find your size by subtracting 2-3 inches from your natural waist size
Corset Length 49
Corset Type Nein
Waist reduction Nein
Bust Nein
LOVE This! Review von Amber
This is a wonderful piece! My husband got a size 4" smaller than his waist and it fits perfectly when laced. It's sturdy and well-made, truly a fantastic item. I can't say enough nice things about it! (Am 17.02.2017 gepostet)

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