1. Onyx Japanese Officer CoatOnyx Japanese Officer Coat

    Onyx Japanese Officer Coat

    The Onyx Japanese Officer Coat is a gothic piece that stands out in any wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from Japanese Officer Coats, it manages to express an imposing stylishness. The coat's exterior is embellished with a sophisticated black brocade, giving it a gothic and textured appearance, this is beautifully contrasted by a vibrant and intriguing red satin lining. The coat also incorporates distinctive gray buttons for functionality,while elevating its elegance and boosting the contrast. To amplify the functionality, it includes spacious pockets on each side. The mix of gracefulness and practicality makes it the perfect coat for taking a walk on a windy afternoon, as well as a professional dinner meeting.
  2. Ruby Japanese Officer CoatRuby Japanese Officer Coat

    Ruby Japanese Officer Coat

    The Ruby Japanese Officer Coat is a statement of allure and power in any gothic closet. This coat’s exterior boasts black brocade intertwined with a radiant ruby red pattern,inside it reveals a red satin lining to amplify the elegance and boldness and also offer comfort. The coat is showcasing gray buttons that enhance its structure and silhouette, while the muted gray tone of the buttons compliment the ruby and makes sure it stands out, they don’t overpower the coats primary color, additionally equipped with pockets that are effortlessly integrated into the design, without disrupting its sleek appearance. The ruby not only stands out, but offers versatility, making it suitable for various occasions, from a day out visiting castle Bran, to any type of business meeting.
  3. Sapphire Japanese Officer CoatSapphire Japanese Officer Coat

    Sapphire Japanese Officer Coat

    The Sapphire Japanese Officer Coat, is a blend of classic gothic style and modernity. Drawing inspiration from the attire of Japanese officers with a goth twist,this coat embodies a blend of dark elegance and authority. The coat is a harmonious blend of color and detail. The rich sapphire lining on black brocade adds a touch of luxury, featuring distinctive gray buttons that provide a subtle contrast to the exterior,while inside, the coat surprises with red satin lining, adding an unexpected twist and making it a versatile piece suitable for both formal events,casual outings or just a chilly evening at one of our favorite dark wave festivals. The coat can be closed with its beautiful gray zipper and the buttons, not only serve to enhance the aesthetic, but to close the extra layer of the coat.
  4. Black Brocade Japanese Officer CoatBlack Brocade Japanese Officer Coat

    Black Brocade Japanese Officer Coat

    The Black Brocade Japanese Officer Coat is a blend of traditional gothic and modern elegance. It’s inspired by the attire of Japanese officers,but designed in accordance to classic gothic style with intricate black brocade,with its interwoven black patterns to add depth and dimension. The deep black hue of this coat creates a contemporary and mysterious vibe, ensuring the coat remains a classic piece in any wardrobe, furthermore to ensure a stark and beautiful contrast, the coat reveals a vibrant red satin lining, that isn’t just finish off the luxurious aspect of the coat, but assures it’s comfortability and practicality along with the smoothly incorporated functional pockets and buttons. Together the black brocade and red satin make this jacket a standout piece for a special occasion or a relaxed stroll in the city.
  5. Brocade Hellsing Coat Fleece LiningBrocade Hellsing Coat Fleece Lining

    Brocade Hellsing Coat Fleece Lining

    Thick brocade coat with removable cape. The coat has thick fleece lining to keep you warm on chilly days. The fabric is custom made and we have matching vests, pants and jackets. Inspired by victorian coachman coats
  6. Silver Parade CoatSilver Parade Coat

    Silver Parade Coat

    Regular Price: $147

    Special Price $133

    Long black brocade coat with adjustable corset lacing at the back and silver details on the front. Great as a my chemical romance coat, or as a unique parade coat
  7. Gentlemen Airship CoatGentlemen Airship Coat

    Gentlemen Airship Coat

    Regular Price: $91

    Special Price $80

    Long steampunk coat for males with built-in faux leather waistcoat with gears. Corset lacing at the back for perfect fit.
  8. Gentleman Cogwheel CoatGentleman Cogwheel Coat

    Gentleman Cogwheel Coat

    Regular Price: $91

    Special Price $80

    Classic steampunk long coat with faux leather "plate" on the front with gears
  9. Grey Dracula CoatGrey Dracula Coat

    Grey Dracula Coat

    A grey version of the coat for a Dracula outfit. We have matching pants and vest. A perfect vampire coat. Great as vampire clothing and Dracula cosplay
  10. Black Dracula CoatBlack Dracula Coat

    Black Dracula Coat

    The Black Dracula Coat with its intricate gothic design, is a tribute to the legendary figure of Dracula, evoking an aura of mystery, power, and sophistication.The very name "Dracula" conjures images of the legendary vampire, a figure that has captivated imaginations for centuries. Drawing inspiration from this iconic character, the coat embodies the essence of Dracula – powerful, enigmatic, and timeless. It is designed to be a quintessential piece for a Dracula outfit, seamlessly fitting with other vampire-themed clothing, making it ideal for Dracula cosplay. The coat is enveloped in a rich black hue, reminiscent of the night's enigmatic charm. The choice of color not only adds to its gothic appeal but also ensures its versatility, making it a perfect fit for various occasions,being so versatile in its styling potential. It can be paired with matching pants and a vest or it can also be worn as a standalone piece.