1. Male Skirt

    Male Skirt

    Regular Price: $48

    Special Price $47

    Comfort meets style in this super cool black colored skirt with all the essentials - two big front pockets,welt back pockets and a classic zip fly fastening. Back zipper for opptional back split. 
    Be fearless, don't skirt the issue male fashion equality. It's only fair.
  2. Black Brocade Laced PantsBlack Brocade Laced Pants

    Black Brocade Laced Pants

    Male trousers made of black brocade material. You can adjust how the pants look by tightening or loosening the lace.
  3. Black Brocade Boots PantsBlack Brocade Boots Pants

    Black Brocade Boots Pants

    These trousers have a classic 5-pocket style, button fly fastening and belt loops. They're made especially to be worn with large boots. Featuring our custom black on black brocade pattern.
  4. Red Brocade Boots PantsRed Brocade Boots Pants

    Red Brocade Boots Pants

    These pants are made especially to be worn with big boots.Classic 5-pocket style, button fly fastening and belt loops.
  5. Black Brocade KiltBlack Brocade Kilt

    Black Brocade Kilt

    A fashionable favorite since the 16th century. Now up-to-date in black brocade, with a detachable pouch and side buttoning. Classic pleating at the back.
  6. Steampunk Tesla PantsSteampunk Tesla Pants

    Steampunk Tesla Pants

    Thick black cotton pants with brown brocade details, great as a part of a steampunk outfit or as a unique look
  7. Green Brocade Laced PantsGreen Brocade Laced Pants

    Green Brocade Laced Pants

    Green Brocade Laced Pants. A gothic classic design in a new elegant version. Looks great with a gothic or steampunk outfit or any unique outfit
  8. Green Brocade Pirate Officer PantsGreen Brocade Pirate Officer Pants

    Green Brocade Pirate Officer Pants

    Black and green thick brocade pants. Great for a unique look or a gothic outfit
  9. Red Brocade Laced PantsRed Brocade Laced Pants

    Red Brocade Laced Pants

    Red and black brocade laced pants. A staple gothic clothing piece
  10. Steampunk Officer PantsSteampunk Officer Pants

    Steampunk Officer Pants

    Steampunk Pants with buttons on the side. A great addition to any steampunk outfit or an elegant outfit wit our matching vests and jackets