1. High Waist Bustle SkirtHigh Waist Bustle Skirt

    High Waist Bustle Skirt

    The High Waist Bustle Skirt has gotten such amazing feedback from our customers that we're sure you'll be the envy of every girl with this beautiful item. Maybe the next goth party you're going to is the perfect occasion? Or do you just like to wear pretty things every day? This skirt will get you all the attention. Lace, ruffles, brocade - the opulence of the fabrics is fantastic! The skirt has four layers; three see-through ones, and an inner layer for coverage. The rouched elastic back means that these skirts fit a wide array of sizes!
  2. Steampunk Layer Bustle SkirtSteampunk Layer Bustle Skirt

    Steampunk Layer Bustle Skirt

    Steampunk Layer Bustle Skirt
  3. Lace Fishtail SkirtLace Fishtail Skirt

    Lace Fishtail Skirt


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    If Mortricia Adams could pull it off, so can you mon cher.
    Black, elegant, waist huggin' skirt, with stretch quality for a great fit.

    98% cotton
    2% spandex


  4. Steampunk SkirtSteampunk Skirt

    Steampunk Skirt

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    Special Price $29

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    We have this skirt in stock in Prague, it is sent the day after we receive payment.

    This great skirt is simple and elegant in front, and tiered and fun in the back. It works great with a corset and some steampunk jewelry.
    There's a zipper closure, and the shirred waist makes for a comfortable fit.

    Goth clothing, steampunk skirt, steampunk lolita






  5. White Ruffle SkirtWhite Ruffle Skirt

    White Ruffle Skirt


    One of our most beautiful and popular skirts! Such intricate lace details and ruffles! The elasticated waist means this skirt fits most, and sits comfortably.

    Waist: very stretchy

    Material: 100% polyester

  6. Black Pointed Lace Skirt

    Black Pointed Lace Skirt


    Black Pointed Lace Skirt

    Material: 100% polyester

    Scroll down for size chart.

  7. Pull Up Short SkirtPull Up Short Skirt

    Pull Up Short Skirt

    Amazing black skirt for the gothic every day look. You can pull up the hooks to show the lace underneath it.

    We ship this product from Prague the first working day after you order it. The total shipping time is normally about one week, but it depends on the postal system.

  8. Purple Cotton Layer Bustle SkirtPurple Cotton Layer Bustle Skirt

    Purple Cotton Layer Bustle Skirt

    Purple Cotton Layer Bustle Skirt
  9. Black Brocade Two Layer Bustle SkirtBlack Brocade Two Layer Bustle Skirt

    Black Brocade Two Layer Bustle Skirt

    Black brocade skirt with two layers. A great gothic skirt for masquerade balls or vampire balls or for just looking fancy
  10. Empusa Skirt

    Empusa Skirt

    Empusa Skirt