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  1. Casual Vampire ShoesCasual Vampire Shoes

    Casual Vampire Shoes

    Regular Price: $96

    Special Price $64

    Casual Vampire Shoes
  2. Black Brocade Admiral CoatBlack Brocade Admiral Coat

    Black Brocade Admiral Coat

    Regular Price: $112

    Special Price $102

    Length;115/45.5 Chest: S: 98/39, M: 100/39.5, L: 104/41, XL: 108/43, XXL: 112/44, 3XL: 118/47, 4XL: 128/49 Waist: S: 90/35.5, M: 92/36, L: 98/39, XL: 100/39.5, XXL: 106/42, 3XL: 112/44, 4XL: 116/46 Sleeve Length:  S: 62/24.5, M: 62/24.5, L: 64/25.5, XL: 64/25.56, XXL: 66/26, 3XL: 67/26.5, 4XL: 69/27.5 Shoulder Width:  S: 44/17.5, M: 44/17.5, L: 45/17.75, XL: 46/18.25, XXL: 47/18.5, 3XL: 48/19, 4XL: 49/19.5 Measurements are listed in the form of cm/inches
  3. Brocade Hellsing CoatBrocade Hellsing Coat

    Brocade Hellsing Coat

    Regular Price: $85

    Special Price $76

    Long vampire hunter coat in black brocade material with detachable cape. Great for cosplay, as a Hellsing coat or a gothic coat.
  4. Silver Parade CoatSilver Parade Coat

    Silver Parade Coat

    Regular Price: $147

    Special Price $133

    Long black brocade coat with adjustable corset lacing at the back and silver details on the front. Great as a my chemical romance coat, or as a unique parade coat
  5. Cape CoatCape Coat

    Cape Coat

    Regular Price: $94

    Special Price $86

    In this coat you'll definitely stand out in the crowd! Made in black brocade material, detachable cape with silver zips. Inspired by victorian coats and great for cosplay, historical clothing or just a unique coat
  6. Brocade Edison JacketBrocade Edison Jacket

    Brocade Edison Jacket

    Regular Price: $64

    Special Price $58

    he Brocade Edison Jacket is a sophisticated piece of gothic fashion. Its exterior boasts of an intricate black brocade fabric, featuring ornate patterns that excuse a sense of mystique and elegance. The practicality of the elegant gothic jacket extends beyond its appearance. Here are some additional practical features: Inner satin lining to assure comfort. Front: Thick black brocade material canvas. Notch lapel made of faux leather. Top collar made of faux leather. 3 silver practical buttons with 3 boutonnières. 1 button on each faux leather sleeve. 2 besom pockets lined with faux leather and satin interior. Side: 1 seam on each side with the same brocade material. Armscyes lined with the same brocade material and 1 faux leather patch on each shoulder. Back: 2 decorative silver buttons on 2 faux leather patches the lower back with detachable chain. These thoughtful additions make this male jacket sturdy and versatile to be a perfect fit for any gothic subculture
  7. Faux Leather Spiked PantsFaux Leather Spiked Pants

    Faux Leather Spiked Pants

    Regular Price: $56

    Special Price $51

    Fully faux leather trousers with spikes. Elegant way to punk up an outfit
  8. Gentlemen Airship CoatGentlemen Airship Coat

    Gentlemen Airship Coat

    Regular Price: $91

    Special Price $80

    Long steampunk coat for males with built-in faux leather waistcoat with gears. Corset lacing at the back for perfect fit.
  9. Steampunk Gentleman Cogwheel CoatSteampunk Gentleman Cogwheel Coat

    Steampunk Gentleman Cogwheel Coat

    Regular Price: $91

    Special Price $80

    Classic steampunk long coat with brown faux leather "plate" on the front with gears
  10. Gentleman Cogwheel CoatGentleman Cogwheel Coat

    Gentleman Cogwheel Coat

    Regular Price: $91

    Special Price $80

    Classic steampunk long coat with faux leather "plate" on the front with gears