Silver Striped V-Shaper

Silver Striped V-Shaper

Product code:11-12-b

The Silver Striped V-Shaper is meticulously crafted from a visually striking silver and black striped material. Drawing deep from the wells of Victorian fashion, the V-shaper encapsulates the grandeur and elegance of a bygone era. It serves as a nod to a time when fashion was both ornate and meaningful. The design, with its instant Victorian flair, offers wearers a chance to step back in time, all while enjoying the comforts of modern craftsmanship.
Beyond its primary design, the V-shaper boasts of a removable panel, artfully concealing the busk and equipped with both metal and spiral metal boning, it allows for a cinching effect, enabling wearers to achieve a desired V-shape silhouette. These thoughtful additions ensure that it can be paired seamlessly with a shirt and tie, further enhancing its versatility to be a perfect fit for any gothic subculture.

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To find your size subtract 1-3 inches from your natural waist.
Corset Length 49
Corset Type No
Waist reduction No
Bust No

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