Ladies Clothing

Here we will add new designs
  1. Poe Sleeveless DressPoe Sleeveless Dress

    Poe Sleeveless Dress

    Regular Price: $52

    Special Price $37

    A beautiful sleeveless dress with a print inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and his writing. We have it on sale since the colour is lost in wash, it still looks good in grey.
  2. White Long Lapel CollarWhite Long Lapel Collar

    White Long Lapel Collar

    A removable collar that matches our dresses. Create many different looks with one dress. Endless opportunities to combine different dresses and collars
  3. White Bat Lapel CollarWhite Bat Lapel Collar

    White Bat Lapel Collar

    A removable bat lapel collar that matches with our dresses, to create many different looks
  4. Black Long Lapel CollarBlack Long Lapel Collar

    Black Long Lapel Collar

    Removable collar that can be used to create many different looks.
  5. Red Bat Lapel CollarRed Bat Lapel Collar

    Red Bat Lapel Collar

    Create a lot of different looks by combining different dresses with different collars
  6. Black Bat CollarBlack Bat Collar

    Black Bat Collar

    A collar that is made to match our dresses. Combine collars and dresses in endless possibilities. Order the same size collar as you order the dress
  7. White Victorian Ruffle CollarWhite Victorian Ruffle Collar

    White Victorian Ruffle Collar

    A collar that we have made to match our new dresses, combine different collars with different dresses for endless possibillities The brooch is included. Order the same size collar as dress
  8. Long Bodycon Collar DressLong Bodycon Collar Dress

    Long Bodycon Collar Dress

    This dress is made for the different collars we have. You can mix different collars and different dresses to create a lot of different unique looks. You can wear it as an everyday dress and add a collar to go directly to a fancy event. The collars are not included.
  9. Brocade Collar DressBrocade Collar Dress

    Brocade Collar Dress

    This dress can be used as an everyday dress or can be combined with our different collars for variety. The collars are not included, but can be bought separately and can be combined with other dresses
  10. Alice Long Bodycon DressAlice Long Bodycon Dress

    Alice Long Bodycon Dress

    Regular Price: $52

    Special Price $37

    A print based on the original Alice in Wonderland book. The fabric is very soft and comfortable, the material is stretchy. We have it on sale since the colour is lost in wash, it still looks good in grey.